During breakfast, I met another cyclist. She was riding solo, hitching a little. It was exciting to meet another woman. I was having a long slow morning so I guess she got ahead of me.

San Javier was full of day tourists up from Loreto. They stood around the mission staring at the rock walls and orange trees. All the little stores sold touristy things. Usually I skip over those things since I can’t carry new stuff. But I went in one to buy milk candy and saw some small embroidered cloth bags. The guy at the store said they were sewn by people who live out on ranches. I imagine them sewing around a wood stove at night, maybe watching some telenovela. Anyway, I can always use another reuseable bag.

I rode out of town into some river crossings and canyons. For once, not a huge climb out of town. Just pretty streams and waterholes. And a whole lot of goats. With babies. I stood there making googoo noises at them and taking videos forever. I touched a few but the really tiny ones wouldn’t come near me.

The route crisscrossed a river valley with occasional water. Enough for my socks and shoes to get wet. Not super wet, just enough to get really dirty. I was tempted to camp at nearly every bit of water.

Finally I settled on one around sunset. It was mostly smooth rock with a trickling stream running through it. I made a little fire to dry out my socks and cook some ramen. Later on I heard rain on my fly, good thing I’d put it on.

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