Super foggy morning. I woke up to a world of gray outside my tent. I put up a rope and hung up my fly to dry. Goats bleated in the distance. Teeny tiny hummingbirds visited the pale yellow flowers growing out of the rocks. By the time I was packed up, the goats arrived. They stared at me from rocks, skirted around, nibbling at anything edible in goat’s reach.

The road continued same as yesterday. Often when I came to a water crossing, there would be a solitary donkey or horse hanging out. They’d perk their ears towards me when I yelled hello and patiently wait for me to leave.

I was kind of tired. It was a slog. No more giant hills but enough sand to keep me sweating. I took a big break to eat most of my remaining food. Probably I’d get to the next town in time to buy more. The track started to even out, turn into more of an actual road. A pickup truck passed me and then I saw a cell tower. A sure sign of civilization.

I got into Ley Federal de Aguas Numero Uno (what kind of name is that?) just around sunset. As I was packing my bike and cinching my straps, a responsible young man pulled up to the water store pushing a big water jug in a baby stroller. While the water guy did his thing, Rodrigo took the opportunity to pepper me with questions. He was a serious kid and very curious. I did my best. There were one or two questions I didn’t understand. When I told him that it was snowing at my sister’s house, he had lots of questions about snow.

Then it was dark and I was riding on a paved road. Beside agricultural fields and fences. Wuuut? Where was I supposed to camp? I stuck lights on my bike and pedaled on. Finally the desert started again. I waited for no cars, turned off my lights, and scurried back into the brush. The ground was full of burrs. I did my best to sweep them away before setting up my tent. I suspected my mattress leak was about to get worse.

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