Very late start getting out of town, the most expensive town in Baja so far. Even the taco stands. But I did get functioning stove fuel.

One thing that came up in fireside conversation in my one night of social, alcohol stoves are greener because alcohol is a not a fossil fuel. That never occurred to me, I guess. I was thinking about the canister fuels and how those canisters are wasteful. Where does butane come from? Petroleum? So many things I don’t know, and with no google, can’t look up while it’s fresh in my head.

That’s why I was so late leaving town, it was that slow slow wifi. My info addict brain was trying to squeeze out every last drop. And upload pictures to my blog. And download podcasts. I’m really excited about that new hardcore history episode. They only drop like twice a year. It’s a 4 hour long episode.

Left BOLA on a long, rutted road to the south. Along the way, roads branch off to coastal settlements with cute names, gringo escape pads. A little SUV drove by, the sort that gets dragged behind an RV. A white haired lady leaned out the window to yell “You go girl!” The road was a tedious sort of bumpy, the wind was a naggy kind of annoying. Then the road leaned away from the water, back into desert land. Further down the dirt track, a coyote watched me approach and then loped away. Jack rabbits stared. The clouds overhead looked almost ready to rain.

I bumped and swerved for a few hours, feeling like I should be going faster, but making progress nonetheless. Around sunset I rode down into an old riverbed and set up camp in the fine gravel. I made a campfire just for something to do. I could still see the glow when I got in my tent when the raindrops started falling.

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