Pct day 130

October 17

Timberline Lodge – 2106

I woke up to a gusty morning. The wind tried to whip the tent out of my hands when I took it down. I skipped morning coffee and headed down to the Overlook Hotel for breakfast buffet. There were some trucks and a crane blocking the entrance. I followed an employee to a downstairs door and through back hallways. 

Here are the things in the buffet: berry smoothies, white chocolate raspberry pancakes, fresh waffles from the waffle iron, bisquits and gravy, eggs baked in potatoes, hash browns, cheesy scrambled eggs, lots more delicious things. Including the fruit, of which I had two servings, to counter all that grease.

One or two baked goods may or may not have fallen into my pocket. 

The Shining Hotel has some family events planned for Halloween Funtime. None of them involved creepy twin costume contests or adult-size Big Wheel races.

The trail beyond the hotel was full of hikers. Also, someone left their clothes behind. Maybe it was meant as a hiker donation Maybe don’t leave it on a rock.

I had lunch at Zigzag River with a fat pesky chipmunk. We watched hikers negotiate the river crossing. Two ladies figured out that I was PCT and asked, “Can we talk to you?” Mostly they wanted to know about my feet.

Mount Hood is covered with dingy glaciers that birth countless sparkling waterfalls. Waterfalls on top of waterfalls. As much as I wanted to dig into my buffet calories, I didn’t want to hike at night and miss the views.

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