Pct day 129

October 16

2086 – 2097

I caught a ride at the gas station from some awesome people in a van. Omigawd, that van. If I drove, I’d want to live in a van like that. My #vanlife will have to be a self-driving van. Maybe it wasn’t just the van, those people were people I would be friends with in real life. I wished I needed a longer ride.

At the trailhead, and all along the hike, I saw posters for a lost dog. It made me really sad, thinking about how worried that person was about their lost husky dog.

It was a super pretty day. The forecast for the next week is non-wet. So I can at least make it to Washington State. A little beyond. No need to mourn the end of my trip yet.

Only a ten mile hike this afternoon. I have an agenda that involves the breakfast buffet at the Timberline Lodge. That’s the building that was the exterior of the Overlook, home of the world’s creepiest twins, from the Shining. The comments about this on Guthooks are some comedy gold. My favorite was “Teffub. Teffub. Teffub!”

The last couple miles to Timberline were sand. Fine beachy sand that the wind blew in my face. Neat.

One thought on “Pct day 129

  1. Hi, I have been following your post every day from day 1. I usually pick out a couple people to follow throughout the year–and your hike seems so real. I just donated $20 to help with your end push–my small contribution to help your cause. You have been such an inspiration through out the whole hike. I have been so impressed with your progress. It has been so fun to watch you throughout the hike. Not sure if you will make it to the literal end, and it doesn’t matter–you already have succeeded! Good luck, stay safe, and please keep posting!! Hope the weather holds out:) Take care!!


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