Pct day 131

October 18

2106 – 2118

Ramona Falls in the morning: just spectacular. The forest is getting that deep mossy feel. On the advice of one single Guthooks comment, I took the long-ish detour on the Timberline Trail. It was like a magical rain forest. I was a little worried that I might be heading for a long in-and-back hike. But it turned out to be a fantastic morning full of mushrooms and moss and waterfalls and streams.  A Dr. Seuss world of funny cute mushrooms.

So many hikers on the trail with me. I guess they’re all from Portland. This many people on a Thursday, what are these trails like on the actual weekend? Lots of nice dogs out.

I camped on the Bull Run side of the trail, in Portland’s watershed. My apologies to the other hiker at that space. It was a little steep to find another flat spot that late. I’m just as uncomfortable hearing the squinch of your inflatable mat, knowing you can hear mine. So personal.

2 thoughts on “Pct day 131

  1. Watch out for the pink/reddish mushrooms. Could be an amanita – very poisonous. Do not touch. I am not an expert but do know about them. Oregon is such a beautiful state. It made me fall in love with the Northwest in the early 70’s when I lived on Mt. Hood and the reason I am here now. Enjoy the beauty.


  2. Hi Gretchen. You are making such progress! I am with your mother and Joy and her sister in Barcelona. I have instructed her not to give me the latest update so that I can enjoy your posts. Thinking about you every day and what a monumental trip you are taking!


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