Government Camp

October 15

I walked the few remaining miles to Highway 26. I’d read that there were closer campsites. For me, hearing motor traffic really takes away from the nature experience. I sacrificed the convenience of a morning pit toilet for a night without listening to engines. Anyway, it’s a fast and busy highway. I wasn’t too sure about hitching. Even if a driver wanted to pull over, how would they pull over with logging trucks and RVs roaring up behind them?

I walked awhile with my thumb out and my back to traffic. I sang little songs about being kind to hikers. Then I saw an SUV pulled over about a quarter mile ahead. It’s hard to run with the Big Burrito but I gave it my best trot. The driver was a fellow hiker. He dropped me up the road at Government Camp. I did laundry at the Huckleberry Inn. I hope they don’t have video in the laundry room. Or at least don’t watch it much. Maybe someone has salacious footage of me changing into my rain gear in front of the washing machine.

I’d read about a ski hostel but when I called they were out of town. Twist my arm, I guess I’ll stay at the hotel. And this one had a bathtub! So here’s how I spent my evening: in the hot bath, eating donuts, watching Law & Order through the bathroom door. Full on Gretchen party.

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