Pct day 127

October 14

2065 – 2083

My sleeping mat got busted. One of the inner baffles broke and now there’s a bulge. An uncomfortable and unsightly bulge right down the center. It makes me tip back and forth like a seesaw in the night. I wonder if Exped has a warranty. 

I was watching spider webs drifting on the breeze. There was smoke in the air. I started smelling it last night. It smells like incense. Where’s that fire? 

It would be so cool to see a wolf. In the right circumstances. Not when I’m doing the night hike. Probably wolves are too clever to go slinking around on a cold cold night. I did see some amphibians. One itsy bitsy green frog and a salamander. I managed to resist the cute and not touch them. 

One thought on “Pct day 127

  1. Hi Gretchen,
    Ive been reading your blog every day. I have really appreciated your little musings. Some so funny I laugh out loud. Others I read aloud to my family.
    If I had an eloquent way of saying this I would. Except ” go girl. Wow”.
    …Exped have a two year warranty. Their baffle splitting problem has happened to us twice. It is common. Especially with the yellow mats.
    Keep hiking, or at least keep writing. You brighten my day.


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