Pct day 126

October 13

2040 – 2065

I woke up on ice mud again. And I was so tired last night I barely took off my sports bra before tucking in. I didn’t bother putting on my extra layer of thermals. It was a cold night.

I was going to leave early (ish) and then I spilled ALL MY COFFEE inside the tent. Noooooooooo!!! I screamed while flinging everything out the door to avoid the brown puddle. Too late. Might as well make more coffee while waiting for everything to dry. Also the tent door flap scraped around in the coffee. It’s got a stain now and probably a smell. Maybe there’s toothpaste on it as well. 

It was a frozen finger type day. Windy too. I stopped for a snack at Upper Lake. Perfect blue green water rippling in the wind. It would be a good lake for swimming, not too many drowned tree trunks to get tangled up in.  

I don’t tend to notice what day of the week it is until all the weekend hikers show up. I met an unfriendly dog that barked at me like I was about to steal something. That whole group gave off negative vibes, not a single smile or hello from the adults or the kids. No wonder they have a neurotic dog. I suspected them all of leaving used wet wipes on the ground.

Later I met some people with a brown labradoodle. I rubbed my hands through his curls and he sat down on top of my feet to gaze up with squinty happy eyes. 
I smelled berries all day. I couldn’t figure out where they were. I had lunch at a mossy spring. There was yellow and red fall foliage all around, mostly on shrubs, not trees. 

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