Pct day 112

September 26

1773 – 1790

I got myself up pretty early but only made it over to the campground to use the hot water and electricity. I like talking to the RVers. And their dogs. I met a dog that looked like a cross between a Dalmatian and an Irish Setter. I might like an RV if I didn’t have to drive it or deal with the poop.

Super heavy pack today but at least the hills won’t be so bad. I don’t know exactly when Crater Lake closes up for the season but I think it’s soon.

Talked to a hiker named one eleven. He’s so ultralight, he’s anorexic. His backpack was mini sized. Like a book bag for one of my tiny kindergarten students. No tent, no stove, no pants. Those shorts. Swathed in my many layers, I got goosebumps at the sight of those bare legs. 

I saw the rear end of another bear, running fast uphill. Then I saw some deer, two cute speckled fawns with ridiculous ears.

Woodpeckers have been here or maybe it was a shooting.

I hiked to Squaw Lake to get water. The ponds make me nervous now. Especially when there’s an extra hike to get there. What if I hike all that way and it’s a slime pit? Or gone? This one was so nice and clear. I balanced on a log to get away from the shore and get the cleanest water. It was a wobbly log. I nearly capsized. Twice. 

Squaw Lake was so cute, I took a little nap there. It could maybe be haunted or maybe there’s a lake monster bubbling around in there. Anyway, funny noises. 

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