Pct day 113

September 27

1790 – 1800

I just washed my pants and already the butt is coated with sap. Is that old sap? How did I get so sappified?

I stopped too much today. Once at a pond because it was pretty. But also on the side of a mountain where I got cell reception for the first time in days. There was no good place to sit. I ended up sprawled across the path like it was my own personal couch. I was there for awhile, watching Dr. Blasey Ford testify and having lots of feelings about that. Some man hikers went by. I wasn’t super friendly.

From a viewpoint I could see that the horizon was full of haze. Another fire? I turned a corner and suddenly there was a huge floating mountain. What’s that? 

Devil’s Peak at sunset was truly a magical and beautiful moment. Mostly because of the haze in the air. I tried to take pictures but I think you had to be there. I hope that smoke doesn’t plan on hanging out for long. I hear it ruins the view at Crater Lake. 

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