Pct day 111

September 25

South Brown Mountain Shelter – Fish Lake Resort

I got water from the old fashioned pump outside. There was a wasp inside the pipe that got inside my water bottle and then I almost drank it. That would’ve been horrible. The water from the pump tasted like iron pipe. I filtered it and it tasted like algae. Oh man, does that mean my pump is now and forever infected with slime? Is it going to make me sick? 

I met an older white woman hiker walking alone. She did not ask me where I was going or where I started. She wished me a good journey. See, there are ways to greet each other without coming off as nosy or competitive.

I was enchanted by some very cute mushrooms.

The forest tunnel started to open up to sections of lava. Big jumbles of volcanic rocks. The occasional aspen quaked in the wind. It was nice to get a break from the forever forest. This part of the trail does not have many views.

I could smell berries but I never saw them. Sneak berries.

I got to the turn off to Fish Lake Resort. I could just pick up the resupply package and keep going. Hahaha j/k! I hope they have wifi. 

The deck at Fish Lake Resort had just been shellacked. I had to enter through the tidy kitchen area. When I gave the host my ID card, he told me, “I think that box just arrived a few minutes ago.” He brought out a large box. “Yup, it literally just got here about 40 minutes ago.” Perfect timing on my part, how about that. Inside, I found a cornucopia of bars. If I was worried about not having enough food for the next bit, well, no worries now. I’ve just got to carry all these bars is all. And the store sells Heet in the yellow bottle, so I’ve got fuel too. This is going to be heavy.

Swathed in my rain gear, I backwashed my water filter over and over. Still just the faintest odor of pond scum. I feel like I’d better get used to that. I haven’t felt sick yet, so maybe that means it’s the blue green algae that’s good for you. Spirolina. That stuff people pay good money for at the health food store.

I wonder how much the RV spots cost at this park? It might be worth it (if there was wifi, which there isn’t) to have a spot with an outlet and a table. There’s a free spot around the lake for PCT hikers. It’s cleaner than most shared hiker spaces, so I bet the park employees keep it tidied up. I spent most of my evening at the laundry and shower shack, charging my electronics and playing with the hot water. 

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