PCT day 30

June 14

Wrightwood to Little Jimmy Springs

Mile 369-384

15 miles

What a nice day off I had in Wrightwood. They love hikers in that town. 

Leaving the trailhead at Highway 2, I was loaded. Too much food. Probably too much for the 80 miles to Agua Dulce. 80 miles. How crazy that I’m being so casual about hiking that far and that there’s such a thing as carrying too much food for a hike that length. I’ve never hiked anywhere near that long before this trip. 

At the first spring, I dropped my Smart water bottle. I didn’t try to catch it, because of the cliff. I just watched my full bottle fall and roll off the edge. I could hear it plunk away. I looked over and I could see it in a bush, not that far down. It was climbable. A little treacherous but nothing 9 year old me couldn’t handle. I slid and skidded my way down. 

Oh. Turns out it’s not my bottle. I’ll take it anyway. It doesn’t look like it’s been here that long. 

I walked to the top of Mt. Baden Powell. Super windy. 9407 feet.

Passed through Windy Gap. It was windy! Good view, funny how you can only see Inland Empire at night. What’s on the other side of these mountains? Sparse lights. 

I kept walking passed sunset to the campground near Little Jimmy Springs. Which I guess has bear problems. I stuck all my smelly stuff in the bear locker. Do I smell more or less tempting to a bear when I’m clean? I did hear some noises in the night, but I think it was other hikers.  

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