PCT day 29

June 12

Guffy Campground to Wrightwood

This morning I saw a trail angel pull up and refill the water bottles in the cache. Thank you, angel in the floppy hat!

I walked to where the trail met highway 2 again. Not a popular driving time at all. There were barely any cars going by. Finally two ladies in a little car pulled over. “You’re our first hitch hiker!” They told me. I got them to drop me next to the Mountain Hardware Store. Which is a hardware store, not the outdoor brand, Mountain Hardware. This is something I had wrong in my head. The hardware store is extremely hiker friendly. They have a book of hiker angels that will host hikers. Some of them even have cats.

I bought a pair of real sun gloves. (White – which might be the worst camping color ever). I couldn’t find a camp pot so I picked up a blue enamel cup to cook in. I will try to figure out some kind of lid. The store had a big hiker box so I had a good look through it. Apparently many people have decided to let their body hair grow freely at this point. The bottom of the box was a deadly layer of discarded razors. I stuck my finger right into them and lost a slice of skin. I found some donated wet wipes and bandaids to mop up the blood. 

It still is amazing to me that you can just call a stranger and they will come fetch you and put you up in their guest room. And make enchiladas for dinner. 

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