Pct day 30

June 15

Mile 384ー395

Little Jimmy Spring to Cooper Canyon Camp

I met some hikers with a golden retriever named Bruce. Bruce was carrying his own backpack and a collapsible water bowl. Good dog, Bruce. 

PCT crosses Highway 2 over and over in this section. It’s nice to have trash cans and bathrooms. But it’s a little noisy. Maybe this highway attracts people who like to drive like they’re in a car commercial. And also, warning to any future hikers, sometimes there are other trails leaving the rest area. I followed one such extra trail. Downhill, maybe a mile. I came to an unexpected stream and realized I was off the PCT. On Guthooks, my arrow hung in empty space. Dammit.

Retracing uphill really sucks. 

I came to the detour for endangered frogs. I totally don’t mind a little road walk if it saves frog habitat. Some cyclists rode by me, and it made me nostalgic for touring. Back when I could carry vegetables and more than enough water.

The frog road went through Buckhorn Campground, which was nearly full with weekend campers. I tried to look hungry but no one offered me BBQ. The path from the campground back to PCT is really pretty. It crosses a gorgeous stream. Maybe I think streams are gorgeous because they’re full of water and water in the desert is a beautiful thing.

I stopped before dark at Cooper Canyon. There was water nearby and a pit toilet. And I do appreciate a toilet in the AM. 

One thought on “Pct day 30

  1. The terrain is getting much prettier. Not a fan of the desert. Keep on truck’in! Maybe a sign for when you get to the next campground where there are lots of non-PCT hikers that says, “PCT Hiker – need BBQ food!” might get you a donation.

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