PCT day 28

June 11

Miles 346-364

18 miles

There was something walking near my tent last night. I kept hearing footsteps. Probably a deer. There was also dirt falling on my tent all night. I had camped next to a tiny cliff. In the morning, I saw that the lizards liked to run up and down the cliff face and knock mini landslides down. It’s sort of amazing how fast those guys can run. As I ate breakfast, I watched a pair fighting and chasing each other. 

I walked about a mile and came to a water cache. I think Pumpkin and Snacks probably camped there. I almost caught up with them. The elevation profile of the day’s hike of NO WATER was daunting. Up up and up. From 4000 feet to 8500. It was hot. I walked through old burn areas with no shade. And, holy shit, I think that’s the POODLE BUSH. I weaved and dodged around the purple blossoms. Maybe they were just more purple flowers, but the leaves really did smell like hemp in the heat. I guess I don’t need to take chances on emergency room rashes.

I am learning to appreciate it when I only have nonbiting bugs on me.

Near the summit, I slumped in a sliver of shade, too tired to even eat. I had policed my water intake all day. There was the turn-off to the Acorn Trail. Two miles downhill and I’d be in town. But would I walk back up or skip a few miles of trail? Neither. I kept walking towards Guffy Campground. I found a nearly dry water cache near the dry springs. There were more full water jugs at the bathrooms and I have never felt so grateful to trail angels.

I set up my tent by a busted up picnic table. After I got in sleeping bag, a car vroomed into the parking lot. Headlights lit up my tent. Someone whooped into the dark. On a Tuesday night, really?

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