Race to the Ferry

I have a thing for putting my bike on ferries.

Pangkor, Malaysia
Indonesian ferry from Flores to West Timor. 

When I saw that there was a ferry between Maine and Nova Scotia, I thought that would be a cool way to complete my ride across North America. I’ll be riding it the opposite direction than I originally planned, but it still works. And jeez, it’s not a cheap ride, even with a bicycle.

The ferry from Bali to Lombok takes about the same amount of time and it costs less than US$10. But I’m sure the ferry to Nova Scotia will have nice coffee and not be full of aggressive children that screech out terrible music and then demand money from every tourist onboard.

Sailing season ends in less than a week. The Fall Equinox has brought Autumn with a colorful bang. Suddenly there is fall foliage everywhere. My first layer of cold weather gear came out of the bottom of my bag, and the second layer a few days later. It’s getting cold again.



The other morning, I literally couldn’t leave Canada. What I mean is, I tried to ride out of Quebec and my bike stopped going. Another broken cable. At least this time, there was a bike mechanic within walking distance.

Thanks, Le Foyer du Sport

The Border Guard was super friendly. He and some friends cycled across the country many years ago. We talked about the wind in South Dakota and free camping. I rode into Vermont and then New Hampshire a few minutes later. Because these are the tiny states! The next morning I rolled over some hills and into Maine. Home of Stephen King.

Not the Overlook. A different creepy hotel that probably doesn’t have any ghost twins.
Just because I’m in Stephen King land does not mean I’m going to start being scared of sleeping in the woods. 

3 thoughts on “Race to the Ferry

  1. Looks like you are meeting all your goals, blogging and cycling to the ferry on time (although this was the different ferry you were planning over a week ago??). Btw if you want my prize (scored because I posted my pic to Instagram in Natalie’s 10DBC ) you can have it as I have already listened to the audio of her book. Not sure if it will work if I just forward you the email. Love reading your posts.


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