Montreal bike trail cat needs home

If you know anyone in Montreal who needs a cat, I know where they can find a very nice one. She’s hanging out at the tiny park on the bike path between Saint Césaire and Saint Paul D’Abbotsford. Where 112 intersects with Rang de la Grande Barbue. I rode past a bunch of camping places and slept in a small smelly park with this friendly cat. She curled up on top of my sleeping bag and purred all night.

Raccoon early warning system

This morning she ate a can of anchovies and investigated the bike. Maybe she lives right around there and was just slumming it for the night. But she made the saddest meow when I left after breakfast. Broke my heart. She’s affectionate and obviously used to having some attention and cuddles.

She’s on the yellow line, between Saint-Cesaire and Saint-Paul d’Abbotsford.
This stopped being fun when the bike moved.
The bridge out of Montreal.

They take cycling rules quite seriously in Montreal! I found this out in a mere three days of riding around the city when I nearly got ticketed. Twice. Once when I started to roll through a stoplight. (I’d stopped. There was no one coming.) A police car directly behind me made some whoop noise and I backed up like I had just been joking. The next day a policeman waved me over and almost cited me for wearing earbuds. He was not swayed when I told him it was a podcast, not music. Actually, he didn’t really speak English that well. When I showed him my California ID, he let me go with a warning on account of my being an ignorant foreigner.

Selfie of me breaking the law. 
McGruff taking a bite out of cycling crime

One thought on “Montreal bike trail cat needs home

  1. love that kitty!! LOL! I read another blog about a cyclist who spent some time w/ a cute stray puppy and then had to ride away as fast as she could (while crying) because it was trying to keep up – that would break my heart!! I’d have to add baskets and trailers to my bike to keep all the strays – LOL! 🙂


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