Sea to Shining

I rode my bicycle from Monterey, California to Portland, Maine. Not quickly, I probably could have walked in the 7 1/2 months I took getting here. I chose the interesting route, not the straight one.

That’s salty ocean water back there. I checked.

I made it to the other side. What do I feel? I dunno, sad. I hate finishing bike trips. But I’m not finished. At weird ends, that’s for sure. I am at weird ends. Anyway, this may be the end of the line in the US but there’s some more Canada out there to ride. That’s why I’m taking the Cat to Nova Scotia.

Yup, it’s cold. Pretty and cold.

The ferry was a little late getting in. They had a delay coming in from Yarmouth when they stopped to assist a fishing vessel in distress. Picture George Clooney in a fisherman sweater because I’m sure that’s what all fishermen are like around here. Our voyage took 5.5 hours so it was dark when we arrived. The Canadian border agent was very concerned about my welfare, riding around on a bicycle like that. I’m not sure she really believed me when I told her I’d ridden from California.

It’s apple harvest time, which calls for apple granola campstove inventions.

The next leg of my journey is further north, with another ferry to New Brunswick. I’m on my way to see Shirley. Why does Shirley live so far away? This is what happens when you teach overseas – your friends end up living all over the place. Going to visit turns into a months-long voyage.

5 thoughts on “Sea to Shining

  1. Congratulations on reaching the Atlantic Ocean and that was quite an accomplishment. I have really enjoyed following you on your biking adventure. This past week we were in Minnesota biking on the Root River Trail and saw two primitive lean to’s next to the trail. Did you sleep in one of them? The Wilder Museum was nearby also.


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