Day Ten Reflections

My favorite day was my What’s a Spinster post. I’ve wanted to start that conversation for a long time. The word spinster has been on my mind and I’m so pleased at the response I’ve gotten just from a few hundred words. Here’s another thing I learned during the last ten days of daily blogging. You can change stuff. I’ve already gone back to revise my spinster essay a few times.

Did you know maple syrup comes in cans? That’s how Canadians buy it. Also, maple syrup in coffee is delicious.

Blogging every day is a big time commitment. I should definitely be on the road pedaling towards Maine right now. (And I need to finish reading my Margaret Atwood book and pick up some Stephen King. I’ve heard 11/22/63  is a must read. I should probably buy that for my Kindle because the book is a real King-sized brick.) Instead of putting in the miles to the ferry, I’m huddled in the cafe, trying to finish out 10 straight days of blogging. But it does make me feel writer-ish to be huddling in cafes, hammering away on my Mac. And, the barista is cute.

For most of this trip, my blogging schedule has been a post once every 7 to 10 days. Now I see that I don’t need to make it so precious. The stories are fresher if I get them down right away. I’m going to bump my schedule up to twice a week. Blogging makes me write more.

Water comes in boxes and it’s better that way. 

Montreal would be a good place to spend the summer if you wanted to learn French without going to France.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10 


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