Another day, another plan

I rode the rest of the way to Montreal today. I meant to arrive yesterday but got lost on the long meandering bike paths. I’m not complaining about too many bike paths. I ignored the beeping of my GPS because I thought it was wrong. We go through this little fight all the time. Usually it is wrong.

Last night was the Harvest Moon and it was nice to sleep outside. It’s cool enough now that the mosquitoes are not so swarmy. I slept with my tent door open to get the full night air. This morning I ate fruit and oatmeal and got in a good hour of writing before I left. My route led along the Lac des Deux Montagnes. There were some spectacular fancy houses along the way, both old and new fancy.

Super Disney playhouse in the backyard. The house is normal-sized huge. I think most of the owners’ time and energy went into this fantasy mini-castle. For the kids.

I’ve come to a realization that I’ve got to change my route yet again. This happens all the time in my bike tour. There’s a ferry I want to take from Nova Scotia to Maine. I looked it up this morning and realized that it stops running on September 30th. My slow ass is taking too long to get there! I decided that after Montreal I will head south into Maine and across to Portland. I’ll go to Nova Scotia first, then hook around back to Fredrickton, New Brunswick to see my friend Shirley. And I’m going to have to start hurrying up. It’s getting cold at night. I’ve been putting my warm clothes on as soon as the sun goes down for the last few nights. I’ve no doubt that autumn starts fast around here. I’m glad I’ll get to see real Fall colors soon. That is definitely something we don’t have in my part of California.

In Canada, you can get Mini-Eggs all year long. Here they are cleverly disguised as Halloween candy. In the States, you can only buy Mini-Eggs around Easter. After that, they are harder to find than off-season Girl Scout cookies. This could be a reason to emigrate to Canada.

Tomorrow is going to be my day about town in Montreal. I’m told I must try Montreal bagels. They’re boiled in sugar water. Tonight I’ll have to research some more Montreal highlights. And I’ll ask my Warm Showers hosts for some suggestions for my one day tour of the city.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8


3 thoughts on “Another day, another plan

  1. Hey, if it gets too cold you could come to Australia, but it will be getting hot, and really hot and humid in the Top. Unusual rain has started in Darwin; the wet before the build up. Weird weather, hope it remains kind to you sleeping out. Your whole life is an adventure, you hardly needed Day 8 Challenge. Loving Kindness, Merrilee.
    PS I love the way you changed the narrative on Spinster

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