One small thing

One of my limiting beliefs is that I am a lazy person.

I’m not lazy. I’m riding a bicycle across the country. That’s not a lazy person thing to do.

But I do procrastinate when it comes to writing. Because another of my limiting beliefs is that everything I write has to be perfect. My standards are mountainous. Some people talk about art wounds from teachers and parents telling them their lovely art was no good – I had the opposite experience. My parents have always told me I’m a great writer. So did lots of my teachers. I don’t want to let any of them down with bad writing. But letting my limiting beliefs drag me down means I never start writing.

Blogging every day this week has made me write everyday. My writing output in general has increased, not just for the blog. Yesterday was an excitingly productive day. At yet, I’ve done a few 30 days things before, and I know I’m pretty talented at setting myself up for failure. I’m not going to commit to blogging everyday. But I do want to do a daily action to improve my blog. Like writing an About Me page. I hear they’re important. And starting a real mailing list, not just the one that comes with WordPress. For that matter, I should get around to buying that domain name. 

Or, when all that tedium is too irksome that day, I’ll just write a blog post.


 I was listening to an interview with a Daddy travel blogger yesterday (because I listen to everything) and he was talking about the importance of keeping babies on a regular nap schedule while traveling. It occurred to me that this applies equally to fussy traveling writers. Not with naps but with butt-in-chair writing time. You’ve got to be on a schedule, even if the location changes everyday. You’ll be cranky all day if you don’t.


blog-challenge-badge-12This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7







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