Future Me

Today’s challenge is to Outsource Something. Ha, I’m not even close to being ready for that. Before I can outsource, I need to in-source. That means, I need to learn to do it myself. Not perfect and not forever. I just need to be knowledgeable enough to tell other people what I want. In the future, I’d like to outsource the artwork for my comic books. I’ve had so much fun drawing for these daily challenges, but that doesn’t mean I want to draw a whole book.

Just so happens, I’ve got great resources for learning to do it all on my own. I come from a family of creative nerdy community college teachers. Our Friday nights can get pretty wild.DSCN9795

My vision for Future Me definitely includes a team. I’ll be cruising the jungle roads of Burma, sending out an occasional missive from my smart phone for my virtual team to polish up and post while I’m incommunicado. During my previous travels, I met quite a few nomadic entrepreneurs who were running their businesses from the road. DSCN9801Many of them seemed to be chained to their laptops and constantly checking in and stressed about getting good wifi. So much so that it kept them from getting off the main tourist circuits and fully enjoying their exotic wanderings. Why live in Nepal if you can’t leave the café in Pokhara?

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