Better Me Time

I have plenty of Me Time. I made my life that way on purpose. I have no kids, no husband and no car to support.

If anything, I have a little too much Me Time. I don’t always appreciate it the way I should.

I’m afraid my Me Time consists of a little too much of this.


And this.


Worst of all.


(I don’t really have a TV. I watch computer now. Same thing.)

Wine, Facebook and television are fun things but they don’t do much to revive my soul and leave me refreshed and revitalized. I can make much smarter choices for my gobs of free time.

Like tea instead of wine.


A bath before bed instead of TV.


And real books instead of Facebooks.


Now that my plane ticket for Hawaii is booked, I’ve been reading guidebooks and getting lost in dreams of cycling in Maui. Having a fabulous trip on the horizon gives me so much fuel for fantasy, sometimes it’s hard to get my head out of the clouds.

There is one new thing I will start doing for myself. A Bikram Yoga studio is opening up just down the street from my house. I’ll be down there on day one for the free classes and sweet introductory deals. I’ve never done hot yoga, but I suppose it will help me train for cycling in tropical weather.

2 thoughts on “Better Me Time

  1. I think this is great. I am also piecing together my coast to coast trip, dreaming up new ideas, even thinking of yoga to help cross train/balance my leg muscles before I go. And after several bad relationships, I purposefully stayed single many years, stopped searching for the right person and began trying to become the right person. Finally met and married my wife three years ago. It was the best thing that ever happened to me and worth waiting for. So I say, keep heading where your instincts are taking you. No matter what happens, I don’t believe you’ll regret a thing. I look forward to reading about your trip to Maui!


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