Here’s how the magic happens

It all starts with pen and paper. pen and paper

I’m sure there’s some gadget I could use instead but I probably wouldn’t like it.

Most of writing a blog post is pen and paper time. I write the first draft and ideas in my morning pages in addition to the whole drawing process. Once the text and images get into WordPress, my work is mostly complete.

Which is not say, I couldn’t use some system and tool upgrades. The list of needed improvements for my blog is a little massive. Right now I want to focus on writing and drawing my blog, rather than complicating my process with learning new technology. I may have mentioned that I have a low tolerance for new tech. That makes me sound like a fuddy duddy, I know, but really I’m not.

phone zombiesOne of these days I’ll even get a smart phone, I swear. Although I do fear joining the creeping plague of phone zombies.

I’ve still got to write an About Me page and settle on a name for my blog, but one step at a time. I only told my family and a few friends about it a few days ago.

For now, I’m considering buying some new pencils and pens so my final images don’t come out with so many eraser marks.

That is, once my furball is recovered from ouchhis recent surgery. It’s been hard on both of us.

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