Bajaday 15

I woke up early to the sound of jangling dog tags next to my tent. A fluffy patchwork dog was outside, happy to bounce along with me to the bathroom.

She had tags from Washington state that said her name was Abby. She seemed nervous like she was lost. While I took down my tent, Abby helped herself to my bag of tortillas. I’d been planning on giving her a few…. oh well.

My neighbor in the RV came over to admire my bike. He invited me for more coffee. Me and his wife Debbie sat down for a good little chat. Turns out they used to live in my same tiny town in California. After that I talked to the tall girl from the van. She said Abby the dog ate all her leftover shrimp. So at least she got a good breakfast.

I rode down the bumpy road back to the highway. A restaurant tempted me but I resisted. I stocked up on water from the water machine at the store.

Then I started off into the desert and fuck it was hard. Sometimes I wonder if the other Baja riders are all expert level mountain bikers and hopping all over these rocks and ruts and uphills. I am scared of falling down and I get wiped out riding uphill in sand and rocks all day. Half the time I walk downhill.

Around sunset there was a real chill to the air. I was wandering along a dry river gorge, full of sand and green grass. I made camp on a patch of green next to a good sitting log.

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