Baja day 14

I took a day off to let the mud dry up. I felt bad about the mud I tracked into my room, all over the carpet. As well as a big pile of crumbs. I celebrated New Years by eating lots of cookies in bed. Before I left, I swept out my room so no one would see my dirt and cookie mess.

I barely made it a mile down the highway before I decided to stop at a breakfast cafe called Despertar. The menu was basically a download of all my favorite foods. I ordered chile rellenos and French toast. I held off on avocado toast since I had that in my food bag.

The route left town to the west. It was a bumpy road, a little muddy and dodgy riding. A water truck pulled in behind me, the kind that sprayed out water all over the street. Good motivation to pick up the pace. I passed some agriculture and then cut south. Plenty of annoying sand to slide around in. Multiple paths cutting off through the brush. I saw a cemetery in the distance, white and blue and aqua colored. An osprey with a large wriggling fish in its talons glared at me from a pole top. Blowing on the wind, I could hear the bark of sea lions.

The road got closer to the beach and the sand got thicker. Finally I gave up and started pushing through the sand dunes. I was feeling a little frustrated with the whole thing when I noticed a car driving out on the beach. Could I do that?

Thus began the funnest ride ever in the world.

For at least an hour I rode down the coast. There were dolphins in the water. Pelicans diving. It was magical. Totally worth all the effort it took to get down here.

My route guide started beeping at me when the route turned inland again. There was an RV park with a whale skeleton. A small woman sat on a chair outside the office. She told me the cost for camping cyclists was 90 pesos. I wanted to stay and watch the sunset on this beautiful beach before going back in the desert.

4 thoughts on “Baja day 14

  1. Great pictures and what a treat to ride the beach and see all the wildlife. Your chile rellenos also looked pretty amazing. Enjoying your trip blog and seeing the parts of Baja I have never seen before.


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