Pct day 103 – Halfday in Seiad Valley

September 17

Seiad Valley – 1662

Wow, Seiad Valley Cafe ranks high on my list of PCT places to eat. And I recommend sitting at the counter. Watching the cook single-handedly and systematically sling all that food was like watching a magician. I had blackberry pancakes with eggs and sausage. Local blackberries. 

They already had a ton of Halloween decorations up. Not just a few pumpkins. Every single surface was Halloween’d up. 

And just when I thought I couldn’t be more pleased with my dining experience, a fire truck pulled up and a crowd of good looking fire fighters trooped in. Yay. Sorry no pics.

An old guy at the RV park said that the nobo route out of town is 9 miles uphill at a 10% grade. Can that be real? All my motivation instantly evaporated. 

It was steep. And long. Smelled like blackberries the whole way.

Just before sunset, it looked like there were two suns. It made me miss being a teacher, and talking to kids about living on a planet with multiple moons.

Rattler! A little snake rattled at me. It slithered under a bush and then the bush rattled at me. I gave the snakebush a wide berth. Several trees’ worth. 

6 thoughts on “Pct day 103 – Halfday in Seiad Valley

  1. Isn’t it great to be able to eat all Those great looking calories! Keep o keeping in. I love the reports!

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  2. I am the biggest scaredy-cat on the face of the earth. I jump at my own shadow. Six years later after Sid I still lock my bedroom door and put furniture in front of the locked door. I cuddle with my cat until I fall asleep. But honest to God reading your posts sometimes scare me so bad I can hardly stand it. Snakes, bears, strangers – the list goes on and on. You are so so brave!


  3. Hi Gretchen. Spent a day skiing / boarding with my grandson on Mt Hood last August. the PCT grabbed my attention then. Somehow i found your journal. Love reading about your PCT journey as winter passes in N Wisconsin.

    Just learned from your post of 9/30 you taught ESL. Might you have crossed paths with Tim Sinnett, my cousin from Minnesota while in Korea.? Tim taught English somewhere in S Korea. He met and married Didem while in Korea. They now live in Istanbul which is her home. Just curious.

    Look forward to reading the rest of your PCT journal as well as your crazy


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