Pct day 102 – I get lost on roads.

September 16

Grider Creek Campground – Seiad Valley

Super champion Gretchen move. I got lost walking on roads. For fucking hours. What a legend.

I guess I was in a hurry to leave the campground with all the ghoulish body bags hanging  from trees. But somehow I set off on the completely wrong road. And walked for hours. Down a dirt road with zero traffic. What a champ. Finally I realized how completely off track I was and turned around. 

Back at the campground, I found a guy driving into town. He had a dead deer in the back of his truck. He and his friends come up every year from Crescent City to go hunting. So I guess I cheated on the road miles into town, but I made up for it by getting lost like an idiot.

Seiad Valley is deep Jefferson State. As I wandered around the store, picking up junk food and putting it down again, hunter after camo’d hunter came in to buy ice. The woman behind the register asked them all if they’d shot a buck. Most of them said yes.

The RV park had some lush soft grass and great wifi. 

One thought on “Pct day 102 – I get lost on roads.

  1. Don’t beat yourself up for little mistakes, Spinstera. You got lost, and it’s frustrating. Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is to prevent little mistakes from turning into big mistakes that threaten your health, safety or your ability to continue your PCT hike. Keep on hiking and inspiring readers like m e.

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