Pct day 93

September 3

1357 – 1382

I woke up before dawn and crawled out of my sleeping bag nest. I guess I wasn’t awake at all because I didn’t even notice that I peed all over my sleep sock. At least I noticed before getting back in my bag. I peeled off the wet leftie and tossed it on a tree branch. My nest was cozy for another hour or so.

I left earlier than usual. After I started walking, I noticed the other campers along the lakeshore. Some singles, a few groups just starting to stir. 

I walked through a burn area full of ghost trees. Some of the burnt trees seemed to dangle over the trail waiting to fall on my head. 

I think finches are my favorite birds to hear. I love it when a whole crew of them flutters through, making that little quacky noise.

Finally, I saw a bear! I heard branches breaking, and then there was a brown bear running up the hill. I like bears running away.

Omg, I found a bag of melted gummis and some kind of  turnover. I shouldn’t eat it. The gummies are all melted together. It looks like a stained glass window. Probably I shouldn’t eat food I find on rocks. Especially not a cheese danish. Oops I ate it. It was delicious.

I made it to Old Station Fill Up about half an hour before they closed. The pressure was on to make my choices. I grabbed stuff at random. And somehow ended up with a microwave burrito, which was gross. I don’t know why I did that.

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