Pct day 92

September 2
1340 – 1357
I cowboy camped again last night. The moon is nearly full. It’s like sleeping with the lights on. It’s been mostly warm at night. There was a little moisture on my sleeping quilt but it dried pretty easily. 
I entered Lassen Park and suddenly there were day hikers everywhere. All sorts of them, even a tiny baby. I followed a path to see a geyser. It’s a proper stinky geyser that spews way up in the air.

Then I took the trail around the boiling lake. It’s a milky green color, and some of the pools along the edge are definitely bubbling. 

I meant to get through Lassen Park in one day, since I wasn’t carrying my bear canister anymore. I did my best. I couldn’t quite make it. I got to a lake after dark. Down by the shore, I made my little nest amongst the trees.

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