Pct day 50

July 10

Mile 661 – 681

I wonder if anyone has made a pine cone marker for mile 666? Today’s forecast is in the 70s!

Joshua Tree Spring was really buggy. The water had a film of floating scum. I filtered a liter since I’d taken the effort to walk down to find it. A long slow climb up to Spanish Needle Creek followed. The path crossed the creek several times, but the flow was never more than some trickley puddles. Gray and brown hills like reptile backs flowed as far as I could see.

All day long, jets boomed through the sky. Sometimes I could see them, sometimes they were so high and fast that I couldn’t spot them. 
I kept walking all the way to Chimney Creek. I could hear the water well before I saw it. Biggest water I’d seen for a long time and I immediately decided to camp in the bushes along the edge. Just so I could hear the burbling while I slept. 

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