Zero-ish in Tehachapi

July 2

I walked for a few minutes but it might not have been a whole mile so I guess I won’t count today. Pretty much I got my pack on, wandered away from my camp, and there was the road. A nice massage therapist picked me up and drove me into town. Tehachapi is spread out. I went shopping and then I found a Thai restaurant. I think if there are monks eating there that means it’s authentic. I had been having Thai Iced Tea fantasies. 

In the grocery store pharmacy, I sat down at one of those machines that reads your blood pressure. This one had all sorts of functions. It told me that I have normal blood pressure, a low pulse, and also I’m overweight.  I don’t know what to think about that and I don’t think I agree. I don’t remember how much I weighed when I stepped on the scale before this trip. But it probably hasn’t changed much. 

My trail angel friend came back later to take me to the campground. In this town, the campground is at the little airport. It took us a minute to find the gate. I had to wander amongst the hangers to find the grassy area that was to be my bed. Nice set-up, there was even a shower built inside an old portopotty. At some time, it may have sprayed hot water. On Guthooks there are instructions for how to turn on the water heater. That control panel is locked up now. With no towel, I wasn’t really interested in a cold shower. I wasn’t that dirty. It could wait.

The reason the grass is so nice is because the sprinklers go on morning and night three times a week. I had to wait till after 10 to set up my tent. Worth the wait, because that grass was sooo soft!

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