Pct day 42

July 1

Tylerhorse Canyon – Tehachapi Wind Farm

(Mile 541-558)

I slept on top of a lot of ants. They were understandably pissed about my choice of campsites. Sorry, guys. It took an hour to fill all my water holders. The water was a minuscule trickle and I kept scooping up bugs and mud. I tried to camel up before leaving but immediately peed it all out behind the first bush. Hydration is hard.

Maybe I had some bad water or licked my dirty hands one too many times. My stomach felt okay but I had to dig several holes this morning. Not my normal schedule at all.

Four miles after camp, I found another unlikely spring. This one running better than the first! No shade but enough water to get in a little footsoak. I washed my handkerchiefs and changed my socks. There’s a pinhole in my Sawyer bag. I guess I should find a new one. Usually there are about 12 in each Hiker box. But watch, now there won’t be.

I had a good long walk today. It was full of views. Maybe I’m getting a little jaded about the views, or maybe the desert thing is getting old. My favorite thing of the day was some unexpected trail magic at mile 549. Apples, oranges, cookies, water, chairs, shade, and fruit punch. THANKS!!! 

For a dry day, I sure did find a lot of water. I took plenty of breaks in the shade, trying to keep my head cool. Which meant I was still hiking long after sunset. I love seeing all the kangaroo rats at night. They get mighty confused by the headlamp. A few hopped right up to my feet. I could have caught them with my hands. Another creature of the night: scorpions! Not as cute as the hoppy hamsters!

I entered the Tehachapi Wind Farm after dark and it was exciting passing the rows of whooshing generators. I found a huge wind-blocking oak tree and hunkered down for the night. I had to air bath again before getting in the bag. It must be all the sweating. I’m getting some gnarly chaff spots.

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