Time has no meaning in the Votex

But at least there were cats at Hiker Town.I thought I’d only have to wait one day for my box to arrive. I was cool taking a day off. But that one day turned into two and then three. The tracking on my box got longer and more complicated. I called UPS. I called a few more times. I was that customer.

The issue was that the zip code was off my one number. I called to correct it. “Okay, that’s fine. It should be there by the end of the day.”

“But why is it going out for delivery from Bishop? That’s 2 1/2 hours away.”

“That’s just where the delivery goes out from.” (It wasn’t.)

My box bounced up and down California. From the Bay Area, to LA, to the Sierras. For a few hours it was in Lancaster but then it shot back down to LA. On Friday morning, I though for sure it would get delivered. Nope. 

“We have a new driver. He doesn’t know where Hiker Town is.”

“Can he come back?”

“No, he’s already picking up deliveries. So either he can bring it on Monday, or you come pick it up in Lancaster.”

Or, you can just return it, and I will forget about new shoes and socks and just keep walking, okay?

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