PCT day 11

Mile 120-132

12 miles

Hashbrowns walked by before I was even out of my tent! I need to get my pace up and that means not sleeping till 6:30 every morning.

The trail is different every day. Today it’s granite, low dry scrub, boulders and chaparral and climbing. No more cows.

Four hours in and I was at Mike’s Place. Hashbrowns, Heather, Rabbit were there. More hikers in various angles of repose. I ate some watermelon and mangos and found a hammock. 

We hung out for a few hours. Nice little Mad Max set up in the desert. We got to hear some first hand observations about the grand flood of PCT hikers post-Wild. What happens when the explosion of new hikers overwhelms the trail angels that make the PCT special? It makes me appreciate again my trip in Japan and missing the crowded trail. I like the people I’m meeting, I also love it when I can hike all day and see no one. And I hope that all these new hikers will advocate for natural spaces and wild lands when anti-nature politicians come for them. 

The caretaker, Off Road, was offering bed space and pizza if anyone wanted to stay overnight but, as usual, I wanted to walk for a few more hours. Evening is usually when I get my second wind. 

I found a campsite in a sandy wash a few hours later. I’d mixed instant mashed potatoes and refried beans in my cold soak container and they were surprisingly good. Or I was extremely hungry and tired. Probably tired, because I fell asleep without brushing my teeth.

One thought on “PCT day 11

  1. I am concerned about you sleeping in washes. No problem if there is no possibility of rain. Wouldn’t want to see you drown in a flash flood. The desert is a different place. Loving the posts. Keep up the pace so you finish the trail before snows set in in the mountains. Your diet leaves a lot to be desired!

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