PCT day 10

Warner Springs Resource Center to Lost Valley Spring Trail

Mile 109.5 – 120

10.5 miles

It’s hard to leave the resource center. In the hikers’ hut there’s a microwave and some instant coffee and WiFi. It’s a good way to get hikers to stay in town and spend some money. I’m bummed that they don’t sell fuel alcohol but I can see the reasoning. They are right across the street from the fire station. Which is the biggest, most serious building around. I heard radio calls going late into the night. 

I guess I’ll be stoveless this next section. That’s okay, it’ll be a good experiment. I think most of the food I have can adapt. I’m starting to not mind the cold coffee. I love a good cup of coffee, but I am still more of a coffee junkie than a coffee snob.

The trail first went through cow pastures with gates you have to properly latch behind. Then it came to a stream called Agua Caliente. I put my feet in it and it did feel a little warm. The blister on my right heel seemed to be growing layers so I finally popped it. I wonder if I overpronate or if my right foot is just wonky? I rinsed out my socks and put on my clean pair. I pumped some water and started soaking some dehydrated beans and potatoes in my plastic jar. 

There were plenty of nice campsites next to Agua Caliente Creek. It’s the last water for about ten miles now, until I get to Mike’s Place. Another place that I’ve read about over and over. 

The trail headed mostly uphill for the next couple hours. Off to the west, I can see the marine layer of fog on the other side of the hills. None of the clouds make it across the valley to this range of hills. 

I camped at the top of a spur trail to a dry water spring. It was a pretty sunset but felt a little haunty after dark.

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