One Perfect Day

I love doing Natalie’s perfect day exercise. Sometimes I do it in the evening to visualize the best version of my tomorrow.

So, let’s assume that on this day I am on bike tour. In Canada, since that’s where I am now. If I were touring in South America or SE Asia, it would a slightly different version of perfect.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI wake up in my tent bright and early, just as the sun is coming up. I crawl out of my sleeping bag and go to the water’s edge, because, of course, I’ve got the perfect campsite next to a pretty little lake. With my toes dipped in the water, I do my morning meditation, followed by 5 to 10 minutes of yoga stretching. While my barrel of morning coffee heats on the camp stove, I read a few pages of an inspirational book and write something insightful in my journal. I pull a Tarot card, to see what my day holds, and it’s one of my favorite cards, like Queen of Swords or the Star. I eat a healthy delicious breakfast and then pull out my laptop for an hour of intensely productive writing.

I break down camp and pack up and it goes really quickly and nothing gets lost or broken and I don’t have to do anything twice. On the road, I’ve got a terrific podcast that I’m listening to, a long involved sci-fi story that transports me to another universe. It’s a dazzling day and I’m passing farms and friendly horses and charming gardens. All of the drivers on the road are super courteous, passing safely with plenty of space, waving and giving me thumbs up of encouragement. I climb a good sized hill, feeling strong. There’s a lovely view at the top and a fun glide down the other side.

Hello Horses!

Around lunchtime, I pull into a small seaside town. Surprise, surprise, there’s a street market! I walk my bike through the market, buying nice vegetables and something yummy for lunch. I sit down in the park to eat. Passers-by notice my loaded bike and ask about my trip. After eating, I find a funky independent cafe where I can get some coffee and wifi and a luxuriously thick wedge of chocolate brownie. For an hour, I do my business online and write some more.

Business settled, I get back on the road. There’s an excellent bike path that follows the shoreline.

Funky bicycle art appears along the path

The afternoon’s ride is a satisfying challenge. I catch a glimpse of some shy wildlife, take on some gnarly hills, snap photos of hidden gem beaches. At a rest stop, I fill up my water bag and I’m ready to camp. I notice a tiny path leading to the shore and find an ideal camp spot, far enough from the road that I can’t hear the traffic, a view of the water, trash-free and well-hidden, under a grove of pine trees. I set up my tent, chop up my organic vegetables to cook up the fantastic dinner I’ve been dreaming up for the last hour of riding. I end the day with a good book, a world-class sunset, no mosquitoes or bears. I crawl inside my sleeping bag, tentfly off so I can see the full clear starry night spread out above. I fall asleep gazing at the Milky Way.

I’ll stop early for the perfect camp.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

3 thoughts on “One Perfect Day

  1. Dear Gretchen, I am truly enjoying your Blog, you’re writing has really taken off! Keep blogging for Michael and I to enjoy your travels…….Take care sweetie, Love, Madrene

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