Food for Thought

I’ve just started another semester of Brain prinand Creativity Fueling at my local community college. I’m taking Japanese, Ceramics and Costume Design and I don’t know which I’m most thrilled about. Maybe Costume Design because I’ve always wanted to learn to sew. I also have a job for the school being a supplemental instructor for an English class. I met the class yesterday and it looks like it will be very cool. I know that not everyone loves school. There were times in my life when I definitely hated school. But now that I’m all grown up, I can embrace and celebrate my inner nerdy geek girl. Her name is Prin.

fries callingWith two jobs and four classes, I have some busy days. Being at school all day makes it harder for me eat clean and healthy. Even though I pack healthy lunches, I’m always tempted by french fries and candy at the student union.

I’m grateful for my bicycle commute to school. I arrive energized and awake from the ride, and I’ve always got the best parking space. DSCN9832

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