Putting it Out There

Today’s prompt is to think of One Thing to focus on in 2015. I meditated and mused on this during my morning pages. The action that I came up with was Putting it Out There. (PiOT for short.) I have years of writing and artwork that has never made it past the safe and nurturing sounding boards of my family and a few community college classrooms.Here read it. I was scared to show my work to my (now ex) boyfriend. (He never really got the hang of the art of gentle encouragement and criticism.) I have a huge fear of rejection, and, possibly, a fear of success.

The main part of PiOT will be posting to this blog. The last week of daily posting has been such a great experience and I want to keep that momentum.

The second part of PiOT is telling people that I have a blog! I’ve mostly kept it a secret except for a few trusted family members. What if I tell people and they don’t read it? And what if they DO read it!

Another component will be submitting my short stories and non-fiction writing to publishers and journals. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for years but I’ve been too intimidated to start.

One more part of PIOT is putting out my backlog of clutter: things that need to be recycled, donated or sold. And, whoops. Suddenly my one thing has turned into many things. I think that means that Putting It Out There is a worthy focus for a whole year.

malayI am not afraid to put paddie bikemyself out into the world. I’ve shown up in all sorts of strange places around the globe alone on my bicycle. Putting my creative work out into the world is my next big step.

2 thoughts on “Putting it Out There

  1. Haha, yes! Telling people about your blog, and actually letting them see it? I’ve told people I’m doing this blog challenge too, and have yet to announce outside of Natalie’s group that I developed an actual blog site! I’m pretty sure that even my hubby has yet to read one of my posts, although who knows…I can say my daughter (9) has read my vision, mission, and why info and she liked it….good enough?
    Actually, to be serious, I was thinking about it today, actually listing my blog site on my personal FB page…haven’t yet – but give me a couple more days.

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