Making it Real


A few months ago I wrote out my Painted Picture in which I sketched out a plan of my ideal online business. Basically, I want a website that will support me as I cycle tour the world for as many years as I want to keep going. DSCN9756The website will have trip journals and pictures and art. I can sell my books from my website as well as from other vendors like Amazon. I will also have a comic book series that I put out 2-3 times per year that I create with the help of an editor and illustrator. Another revenue stream is affiliate links and equipment sponsors. I would also like to do cross-promotions with fellow nomadic entrepreneurs and be part of a larger community of travelers and artists. In a perfect world, I’d also get paid to write for other websites and publications. And while I’m in dream land, it would be really great to get paid to speak someday. Actually, the more I write about and break my plan down into parts, the more realistic and possible it becomes in my mind.

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