Baja 46: Happy Birthday Gretchen

While I was making my morning coffee, an old man came walking up the path. He did a double take when he saw me in my tent. We chatted awhile. He let me know that he was single and available. Then he said to come by his house if I needed water.

I went to his house. A nice old woman filled my water bottles. I think she was his wife. Possibly he lied about his relationship status. How about that.

My birthday treat was some candy I’d kept myself from scarfing down the last two days. The best was this big gooey coconut log. I love anything coconut.

This is my last hundred miles.

I went by a farm full of cute animals. There was a pen full of baby goats. We hung out. Also there was a spotted baby donkey that I was in love with. It looked plenty naughty.

I rode and walked up and down hills. It was slow going. Finally I got to the big downhill. Back to the Sea of Cortez. That downhill, just as treacherous as the rest of that section. I gave my disk brakes a good squeezing on the way down.

Back by the sea, I noticed a spur road heading to a lighthouse. It seemed like a fine place to camp. Sand would be a lot nicer than rocks under my dying mattress pad. I pitched my tent in some dunes.

Wandering around, I found these weird puffballs. Some kind of disembodied bird part. They were made of feathers and nearly weightless. They were too cute to dissect for science. You know who would love one? My cat.

5 thoughts on “Baja 46: Happy Birthday Gretchen

  1. Happy birthday, Gretchen. Lifting a glass to your health and happy travels the rest of the way.


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