I woke up super early on a floppy mattress. Huh, so not such a good job on patching the leak. It was a gorgeous morning anyway, the moon was still out with some intense planet next to it. Some fog rolled through, I’m guessing that’s how plants get water around here. I wasn’t so great on water, 4 liters and plenty of peninsula left. But the dirt track I was out on mostly stayed a dirt track. Only a few sand battles. If anything, my time on the bay was going too fast. It’s the kind of place to find a sheltered spot and watch the water all day. So many birds. The pelicans I find especially endearing. I stopped a few times. Once to splash around in the water. Once at an empty fishing camp. Towards the end of the bay, I came upon an active fishing camp. A man and woman were working on netting things. I pulled up to ask for water. The couple said they lived there and gestured towards the hills where their house was. I was really grateful about the water the woman poured into my bottles. Like I was watching it gush into the bottles and seeing them fill up was filling me with happiness and gratitude. I love that this trip has let me be grateful for water in the desert. And people, because the only way I was going to get water today was from people.

At the end of the bay, the route crossed the peninsula back to the sea of Cortez side. I did not go that way. I wanted to ride around the end of the bay, to revisit a beach where I once camped.

Want to hear something funny? Last time I was here, I got engaged. Didn’t take, obviously. I’m just not that kinda girl.

From there I got back on the highway. As usual, i grew to regret riding the highway. I had to ride over a great big hill and there were scary buses and trucks. Not scary on purpose, I think the drivers took a lot of care to move well to the left of me.

The route turned back into the mountains. Goodbye Sea of Cortez, see you in La Paz!

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