Baja day 29

Woke up in a huge fog with a dripping wet rainfly. I hate packing a wet tent but I did it anyway. My battery packs were all drained and I had less than a liter of water. I needed some town.

Still there was a bit of trudging through sand. My bike was coated with sand. The chain was scraping around the gears, making terrible noises. I came to a gravel quarry and turned west towards the sounds of trucks on the highway. Lost in thoughts of tacos, I almost didn’t see the vultures. Poised on the tops of cactus, their black wings held out to the sun’s rays like evil solar panels. There were dozens of the scavenger birds staring at me like a death omen.

I rode into town with 5 percent power left in my phone. Guess what I found? A bike shop. A nice one. I checked into the hotel directly across the street. The room wasn’t ready yet so I hung out in the lobby. The girl in the lobby was super involved in a game on her phone. She was talking to a friend as they exploded things together. It was fun listening to her.

Before taking my bike across the street, I cleaned off the biggest chunks. Then my new best friend Luis cleaned off the rest with an air hose.

One thought on “Baja day 29

  1. I loved the vultures airing out their wings … somebody said it was to dry them or to help get rid of parasites …. when you go past the dump in Constitucion you’ll see a zillion of them. Keep riding, am loving your blog.


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