Pct day 134

October 22

Bridge of the Gods – Gillette Lake 

It was super hard to leave my friends. Caroline told me that her four year old asked, “Why are we leaving her in the woods? Does she live there?” I guess that would be a little confusing. I left sad but well rested and well fed. Maybe a little too well fed. Back on the trail, it was the prettiest fall day. The woods were full of yellow leaves and perfect strips of sunbeams. I had to keep stopping to admire the incredible views.

Also, I had to keep stopping because I was too full of food to walk. Get to my legs, food! 

I found a lake full of crawdads. Active little things. Seems like they fight a bit. I know they’re edible but I like them just fine where they are. And I didn’t want to find out how strong their big pinchy claws are. Also, I’m still full.

I didn’t make it past the lake. Oh well.

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