Pct day 124

October 11

2011 – 2027

I’m pretty sure I slept on ice. The dirt below my tent was speckled with ice. There was frost on the tent fly. I went to the pond to get coffee water and stepped into some deep mud, both feet. The logs at the water’s edge were slick with ice. It was a tricky dip, getting clean water. 

My human conversation for the day was a couple sobos named Potluck & Nemo. One of them was sucking honey straight from a plastic bear. I suppose that’s a way to get glucose.
I came around a bend and saw a great big mountain with snow on top. What is that? Mount Hood? Baker? Finally I looked it up. Mount Jefferson. Very impressive. I have a big climb coming up. I wonder how far I have to walk up the side of that volcano.

Ice does interesting things in mud. It makes crystal shards that stand up like fur. It’s fun to kick over. 

I walked through the Shale Limited Entry Area. I saw shale. It sounded like walking on plates. I filled up my water at a little pond as the sun dropped. I could practically see it icing up. 

One thought on “Pct day 124

  1. Enjoying your posts. So amazing. This day. Yesterday. The all night hike day. The ice now. The heat at the beginning. The day hikers. The nickname hikers. The trail angels. What a walk. Must be quite something.

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