PCT day 120

October 6

1914 – 1930

In the morning some trail volunteers stopped by. I got to ask all my burning questions. They explained how the blue diamonds get so high in trees. Two of my guesses were right. They carry lightweight aluminum ladders, and sometimes the post more guide diamonds when the snow is high. (My other guess was some kind of pole contraption.) They told me about using a two person cross saw to cut downed trees. In wilderness areas, there are no chainsaws or wheels allowed. Even for a rescue operation, they have to get special permission.

I walked through the tunnel of clouds and trees all day. It was wet and icy. Really unpleasant. I kept thinking about the hikers in shorts, how do they stand it? I have multiple layers of clothes, and I have to walk uphill to feel warm enough.

How awesome would it be to see a wolverine for real?

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