Pct day 118

October 4

1890 – 1906

Oh so cold. At least my tent goes all the way to the ground. I watched the tarp tent girl pack up, in her shorts. So, so cold.

 Still, pretty seeing the steam rise off the lake and the tiny island full of skinny trees. Maybe it will get sunny and I can dry out my tent and rainfly and everything moist.

I spent quite a bit of time today thinking about Chinese Pork Buns and all the different kinds there are and how much I’d like one. Or twenty. And I’d like to hold one in my hands and squish it. I like the ones with the chopped scallions, like I used to get in Taiwan. They came out of steamy.

Maybe there were some pretty mountains or views or something but I didn’t see them. It was cloudy and rainy. I had on a hat and hood. Kind of a slog of a day.

Look at that, 1900 miles! But I skipped and walked extra when I got lost. So it’s not accurate at all. Remember back when another 100 miles was such a big deal, I wanted a yoga retreat for every hundred I hit. It’s still a great idea. Or maybe a sauna, I could really go for that.

I camped at the turn off for Shelter Cove. It was freezing all night. Sucked. I should start using sleeping pills.

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