Pct day 109

September 23

1741 – 1750

I got water in the morning at this adorable dam. Never thought a dam could be cute but it really was. I sat for awhile watching a crawdad crawling on the rocks. I didn’t know they could come out of the water. It looked kind of tasty. I’ve never eaten a crawdad but I’m guessing they’re delicious.

I came to some campgrounds. Took advantage of a trashcan and toilet. There is a list of things that I’m always on the lookout for: water, outlet, toilet, trash, wifi, hot water, laundry, free food. Finding two in one place is still a triumph. And I was inexplicably carrying a can of V8. Yummy, but then there’s the empty can.

Gunshots, close by, lots of them. Should I yell? What do I say? “Hiker here, don’t shoot me please!” That’s not even funny. I saw a deer in the brush. It peered out at me and I whispered that it should go the other way. In theory, I am okay with hunting. But part of me will always root for the deer.

Hiker wisdom in Sharpie

Too hot in the sun, too cold in the shade. I could change clothes once a mile and still not be comfortable.

It was a low motivation day. I blame it on this load of food. I had to stop and eat, just to lighten my load.

I walked into a campground at night. No one there so I chose the site closest to the lake. I could feel invisible drifts of chill air sucking towards the water. Tonight would be a rainfly and extra pants night. I put my stove on the the bbq and made a rare hot dinner. Looking up, my headlamp caught multiple pairs of eyes. So many deer staring at me. Not scared, but disconcerted yes. Some crept close, like they expected a handout. I clapped my hands and they spooked away. Why is the campground creepier than sleeping in the forest? It’s too open, no cover. Too many reflectors glaring back in my headlamp. I walked down to the restrooms to wash my dishes. They were all locked. Since I’d walked in sideways, I hadn’t seen the locked gates. The campground was already closed up for the season. No wonder the deer acted like they owned the place.

5 thoughts on “Pct day 109

  1. That’s Little Hyatt Lake dam. I was just there on Sunday on a day hike. It’s always unnerving hiking in hunting season. Ya gotta hope they think about hikers being out on the trails.

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  2. Are you wearing an orange vest so the hunters can see you and not mistake you for a deer? If not I would try to get one.


  3. Making noise is good during hunting season. Sing, yell, toot on a whistle whatever makes you sound like a human.

    Also crawdads are good eating and easy to catch. Just boil them until they turn color, then crack the tail open for a little lump of meat.

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