Pct day 105

September 19

1678 – 1693

Brrrrr…… it was so cold this morning. Between 4 and 5am, the temperature always drops down enough to wake me up. Usually I shiver for awhile and then turn on a murder podcast, which puts me right back to sleep. I can’t get out of sleeping bag until at least 7 when the sun is well up and it’s gotten warmer. I see now that my wish to get up earlier is not going to come true. I’m like that snake I found frozen in the path. I can’t move until my blood gets warm enough.

The land is getting drier. Not much water around. I came to one spring on the map and couldn’t find it. The next spring was teeny tiny and annoying. 

I got stung by a little flying asshole. It got into my sleeve, under the cuff of my glove. It hurt like fire for a minute and made me dance and fling myself around like a fool. There was a tiny stinger and a minuscule bag of venom. I scraped it out. A few minutes later the pain subsided to low level ouch. I have antihistamines but I thought it would make me sleepy. 

I saw this neato canvas house with a wood stove. That’s the State of Jefferson flag flying over it. Maybe someone’s moonshining in there. 

Oh I’m 3 miles from Oregon! I’ll save that cherry pie for my celebration. 

At the border I met a section hiker named Gazelle. She took pictures for me, and we talked about the joys of solo hiking. 

The Cherry Pie was delicious. And my first Oregon sunset was fantastic.

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